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ESN, The Buddynetwork, and You

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student association with the aim of supporting and developing student exchange opportunities. ESN is present in over 35 European countries with a network of around 480 universities. This includes TU Wien, where ESN is represented by us, the Buddynetwork TU Wien.

How to become a Buddy?

To become a Buddy, you sign up for our buddy system by filling out the online form. Signup opens several weeks before each semester. If you sign up for the first time, you are not on our whitelist yet. Come to one of the BuddyInfo events we offer or contact us for other options to get on the whitelist.

What is a Buddy Group?

Instead of matching one buddy to one incoming student, we create buddy groups. This helps with building more contacts and promotes international exchange, because of the multiple nationalities in each buddy group.

Why are there two buddies?

Two buddies are a team. They can divide up tasks and combine their knowledge to help incoming students with their questions.

What is “matching”?

Matching is the process that creates buddy groups by assigning a number of incoming students to a team of two local buddies. The matches are made considering the interests and needs of the individuals while promoting exchange and diversity

 What are the tasks of a buddy?

  • Create a chat group, and invite your exchange students to join
  • Answer the questions of the incoming students
  • Be a contact person your group can rely on
  • Guide the cultural exchange, be part of it
  • Try to explain the Austrian bureaucracy (registration slips, etc.)
  • Give helpful tips on and studying
  • Explain where to shop, where to do sports
  • Explore and enjoy Vienna together


Does my incoming study the same as me?

The buddy system tries to achieve the best possible pairings. Often, however, your incoming is studying something different than you. But even if you cannot answer any detailed questions about the respective field of study, you can still help your incoming.

There are questions about specific courses that I can't answer. What now?

If you have questions about studying a special field of study, you can refer to the student councils (Fachschaft). For questions about courses to the respective professors. If more specific problems arise, the International Office of the TU Wien is the best contact for the incoming students.

Once a buddy always a buddy?

You are only a buddy for the registered semester. You can register again next semester.

I may not have that much time. Should I still become a buddy?

Being a buddy is voluntary and so is the time commitment. Most of the tasks of a buddy are limited to the time just before and after the start of the semester. So, it doesn't cause any stress during the semester.

I contacted the exchange students but some of them are not responding

Establishing contact is difficult for some people. If you can’t make contact after trying several times, that is of course a pity. Some incomings register, but then forego the advantage of having a buddy. You are good the way you are, and they are unlucky not to have met you.

I got asked something I can't answer. What now?

If it is an important question, then the team of the ESN Buddynetwork TU Vienna will be happy to solve the problem. Write to

One of the exchange students has problems finding accommodation. What should I do?

The incoming students are not supposed to rely on you alone, they are responsible for organizing their stay in Austria themselves. However, maybe you know someone who has a vacancy, knows where to find the best listings, or can act as an interpreter for apartment viewings.

One of the exchange students has problems with the authorities. How can I help?

Incomings are often unfamiliar with some official things, such as registration forms, or they misunderstand some things. A little interpreting is often enough to solve the problem. The International Office of the TU Vienna may be able to help with unsolvable problems. In the rarest complicated cases, the incomings need to contact their respective embassy or consulate.

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