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Where can I find a job to get some money during my Erasmus?

Part-time jobs are called "Teilzeit" or "geringfügig" in German, so be sure to filter for these job categories, unless you really want a 40h job.
Good pages to search for a job are listed below. Those pages are in German (google translate helps). Most jobs require a good knowledge of German.
Also, be aware that (in general) you need a working visa (Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte or similar) or come from an EU country in order to work during your stay in Austria! It's recommended to ask your embassy for details!

All these pages are in German, are there any jobs for English speakers?

Unfortunately, most jobs in Austria require good knowledge of German. In general, startups are more likely to hire English-only speakers. Don"t forget to always check the job announcement for the language requirements!
Webpages mainly for Jobs at startups: