Please notice: We try to keep our infos up to date, but please always doublecheck with the official homepages of the regarding institutions!!!

How do I find my way around TU?

One of the most important and helpful pages is!

What the heck is TISS?

  • Information Systems and Services of the Vienna University of Technology. It’s the basic web tool for Students and Employees at the TU.
  • You can:
    • Find and sign up for lectures
    • Sometimes find lecture notes and learning material on this platform
    • Find offered theses
    • Subscribe for lecture news
    • Register for exams
    • View your exam results
    • Print certificates and transcripts
    • Find contact information of professors and institutes/faculties

How do I apply for classes?

  • Usually via TISS, in some cases personally at the concerning institute.
  • If you are an Architecture student and planning on signing up for one of the desing studios ("Entwerfen") best approach is to apply via e-mail or personally at the institute.

How does Wireless LAN @ TU work?

  • You have to get a student account first. Then you will be able to log in from anywhere on campus with your student’s ID number and your personal password via your browser.
  • If your home university participates at eduroam you can login using the credentials of your home institution. You can find a configuration guide at the ZID Homepage.

How do I get a Library Card?

You can get an user ID at the library by showing your student’s ID and your “Meldezettel”. Further information you can find at the TU library’s homepage.

If I can’t get the books that I need at the TU’s library - where can I go?

Of course there are more libraries in Vienna than just the one of the TU. You can search for literature in the "Österreichischer Bibliothekenverbund Gesamtkatalog".

  • Application for an user ID works similar at all libraries (bring your student’s ID and your “Meldezettel”) and it’s free at University-Institutions. (A small fee is required for example at the National Library.)
  • Since most subjects one can study at the TU also exist in some form at the University of Vienna as well, checking out their library first can be very helpful. (Searching in the catalogue linked above includes the University of Vienna’s library too.)

Where do I find quiet rooms to study?

  • Freihaus Lernraum
  • Most of the institute’s libraries
  • Lehar Trakt
  • on sundays: AKH