As exchange student you may like to have some local student to help you during your stay. For that purpose the ESN Buddynetwork TU Wien offers the buddysystem that matches you with a buddy. If you register to the buddysytem you get matched to two local buddies. These local buddies are volunteer students who like meeting people from abroad. They are able to give you helpful advice about studying at TU Wien and guide you through your time here in Vienna. As Austrians they may also aid you in any bureaucratic obstacles, illuminate any upcoming cultural differences that may occur or help you improving your German. Getting a buddy is of course all voluntarily from your side as well and not required to participate in any event of ESN Buddynetwork TU Wien.

Google Form for registration: click

Winterterm 2021/2022: Form is open and we will start matching you with local students in the middle of August. Matching will happen once a week. (Until middle of October) - You will get an email once you're matched.

If you have any questions, check our FAQ, visit us in our office hour or send us an e-mail.