Students who want to live comfortably during their stay are often confronted with high housing prices. This makes the cooperation between STUWO and ESN Austria all the more relevant. Through our cooperation with STUWO, one of Austria's biggest student housing providers, exchange students like you can benefit from a EUR 90 reduction from their registration fee. The offer is valid from July 2021 onwards.

How can you benefit from the deal and find your future student residence in Vienna?

You sign up on our platform ( where you will need our special code, so please just contact your ESN section for further details.

Do you already want to get an insight into how your future student dorm will look like?
Check out the various student dorms on

All the dorms in Vienna:

  • STUWO Vorgartenstraße, 1020 Wien, Vorgartenstraße 110A
  • STUWO Arsenal, 1030 Wien, Gänsbachergasse 10
  • STUWO Spengergasse, 1050, Spengergasse 27
  • STUWO Haus Erasmus, 1040 Wien, Kenyongasse 23-25
  • STUWO Friedrich Funder, 1080 Wien, Strozzigasse 6-8
  • STUWO Strudlhofgasse, 1090 Wien, Strudlhofgasse 5
  • STUWO Triester Strasse, 1100 Wien, Triester Straße 40/2
  • STUWO Haus Simmering, 1110 Wien, Rautenstrauchgasse 5
  • STUWO Auf der Schmelz, 1150 Wien, Auf der Schmelz 12
  • STUWO Haus Donaufeld, 1220 Wien, Dückegasse 3
  • STUWO Seestadt, 1220 Wien, Sonnenallee 24